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February 28, 2008.
  Web Posted at: 2:47 pm UTC
Is Hillary on Steroids?

By now I’m sure you all know that Roger Clemens has gotten himself into a bit of hot water about this whole steroids thing. He and his former trainer Brian McNamee had a little he said/he said thing going at a recent congressional hearing on steroid use about whether Roger has used steroids and/or human growth hormone (HGH). Among the things they argued about was whether Roger attended a party in 1998 at the house of Roger’s former teammate and admitted juicer Jose Canseco.

What does all of this have to do with Hillary Clinton and her increasingly desperate struggle with Barack Obama, you ask? Isn’t it obvious? Mash it all together and you get a quality topical joke that I wrote and David Letterman told to open his monologue on last night’s Late Show (2/27/08).

Last night in Cleveland Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had their last debate.

You can tell Hillary is getting desperate. At one point she accused Obama of attending a party at Jose Canseco’s house.

Click here to hear it live! (format: MP3, size: 217kb)

You can also watch the video of the entire monologue here.

Don’t let the title of this post fool you – Hillary has never used steroids. I mean, I don’t think so… probably not… I guess… right?

-Chum    [link | comment]

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February 28, 2008.
  Web Posted at: 2:46 pm UTC
COP: It’s Song Parody Week!

Like the late rounds of a classic heavyweight title fight, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are really slugging it out. Fists are flying, blood is flowing, low blows are being landed – I love it all! You can’t make up this kind of entertainment.

No, you can’t make up this kind of entertainment, but you can sure make fun of it, which is what we like to do at Cup O Politics.

This week our good buddy and very talented musician and writer Dave Wildman whipped up not one but two little diddies about HRC vs. BHO and my COP partner Steve Garfield created some great videos to go with them.

Check these out!

Obama and Clinton: Breaking Us In Two

Hillary Clinton: Desperado – Come to your senses

If you like it, be sure to spread the word! Also, you can now leave video comments on both Cup O Politics and right here on!

-Chum    [link | comment]

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February 4, 2008.
  Web Posted at: 2:49 pm UTC
COP: Talking Politics with Jesus

Super Tuesday is almost here! Candidates are dropping like flies. If you’re like me you’re still trying to figure out who you’re going to vote for to be our next president. Perhaps you’re looking for guidance from a higher power! Well, look no further! I recently sat down with a certain well known former carpenter with a knack for miracles for Cup O Politics to see what’s what on this election thing.

Take a look-see here. Special thanks to my partner Steve Garfield for the excellent work on this one.

It’s official, I’m going somewhere really hot when I die.

-Chum    [link | comment]

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February 1, 2008.
  Web Posted at: 11:15 am UTC
First a Tax Rebate and Now This!

After selling no jokes for about a three month stretch, mainly due to the writers strike, things are picking up! Last week, Dave Letterman told three of my jokes, including one night where he told two. Lightening has struck again, as he told two more of my jokes on Wednesday’s Late Show (1/30/08).

John Edwards officially dropped out of the presidential race today.

He says he wants to spend more time with his haircut.

Click here to hear it live! (format: MP3, size: 77kb)

Celebrity birthdays: Vice President Dick Cheney turns 67 today.

His friends threw a big party for him and they all enjoyed playing Shoot the Tail Off the Donkey.

Click here to hear it live! (format: MP3, size: 263kb)

You can also watch the video of the entire monologue here.

This is an official hot streak! Of course, I have now just jinxed myself, so the streak is most likely over. Oh well.

-Chum    [link | comment]

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